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To act is to create a character in performance. SHINEWOODS helps you to be that performer.


MAGIC creation in MOVIES is all about dexterities and wonderful moments. It makes for one of the most involved audience experiences while viewing a film. A performance is dreamlike and all - consuming when the actor’s craft, acumen, vigor, face and body overtakes the actor or the performer and merely the character connects with its audience.


To absolutely surrender to the power of the personality they portray and to be able to touch that string of emotion in the viewer makes an outstanding performer. Exceling through histrionics, great actors are like the large canvas of life, presenting mesmerizing stories. An actor is hoisted to a performer when an off the beaten path performance of sincerity speaks of a character of substance.


The illustrations display a range of what acting can pitch at the audience, the elements of surprise, haunt and fright, charm, delight as also break hearts. Every artiste pursues, and achieves, a distinct kind of credibility.




South India’s premier talent agency, SHINEWOODS has the legacy of 25 plus years of being able to provide talent database to meet industry demands. It has been providing models, performers and actors for all areas of media including Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos and Documentaries.


Up to date profiles of performers from all demographics and of all ages are available with SHINEWOODS. They are groomed, fresh talent who could be showcased at the various TV Series, Feature Films, TV Movies, Documentaries and Commercials. You have them for any kind of project at the click of a button.




The technical team is the heartbeat of any production unit. They are the crew members responsible for operating the cameras, coordinating the lighting and recording the sound in TV and film industries. The technical crew truly makes magic happen while assisting the director to complete a shoot.


  • Directors
  • Camera Crew
  • Light Technicians
  • Sound Technicians
  • Choreographers
  • Make-up artists
  • Stuntmen
  • Editing team


The peerless visuals come out of expert manipulation and mixture of technical equipment to craft eye-catching images on screen – It is also called cinematography.  The striking countryside shots, the devilish appearances and the defined angles are designed and works of the camera, light and sound crews and other experts like the make artist, choreographers and stuntmen.




‘Time and Tide wait for none’


This is true to all instances in life including opportunities. A forced break from monotonous work schedule is imminent in any industry, more so, in show business. Return to the work space happens by choice after a sabbatical.


In the entertainment industry, ‘versatility’ and ‘attitude’ of an actor would make the comeback process much less strenuous. A reality check must happen to reconcile with the fact that fresh talents have taken your place when you were away. Though easily said than done, acceptance and performance of new and different kinds of roles is likely to make your rebound easier. In addition, the support of a mentor or consultant is a major requisite in the process, since the mentor also doubles up as a publicist. All past accomplishments are reviewed by the mentor and a future roadmap is charted out. This exercise requires highly professional perception and involvement since the encounter is double fold than when you started off as a new comer.


SHINEWOODS shows the way by guiding artistes who wish to be back to work in the industry.




Television is a wonder media and perhaps the most watched across the globe. Nevertheless, the pathways to silver screen may include waiting for months on end before that illusive break.


Over time, successful launches on television, catapults an artiste’s popularity to a celebrity status. It is only natural and well justified as you prepare to take in the limelight from being a TV star to becoming a glowing star on the BIG SCREEN. Transition from the small screen to big screen is a positive shift but not always an easy one. Interestingly, the recognition from the audience ensures acceptance of the TV actors into the silver screen and therefore, by the industry. SHINEWOODS shows you the way.

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