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To grow into a successful, celebrated individual in the entertainment industry is an endeavor that must go on much after one is successful. Part of becoming a celebrity is about one’s support eco-system in the industry. SHINEWOODS’ is that platform under whose tutelage you add your own flair to the presentation you make. Under the guidance of SHINEWOODS, one learns to be individualistic together with getting market ready.



"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

                                                     - Chris Grosser


A robust portfolio indicates the way to FAME. Managing the route to glory is a challenging engagement. To be better than the best demands stepping out of your comfort zone and strive at excellence. At this juncture the mentor and advisor steers the wheel enroute to fame & glory. His insight and experience matter and he will teach you to organize your portfolio starting with the perfect head shots. The challenge will be to step out of mediocrity and acquire that deserving status and recognition. The lifeline of a sound portfolio is a highly talented photographer.


South India’s premier talent agency, SHINEWOODS comes in as the Facilitator for profiles of performers from all demographics and of all ages. We have access to bring along great photographers from the industry. We have a legacy of 25 plus years of creating Strong Portfolios for models, performers and actors for all extents of media including Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos and Documentaries.



The Entertainment industry welcomes showbiz contenders even without any formal training or education. However, some formal training in this field gives an edge and can support to brighten up career prospects. Deeper learning of the industry trends and market dynamics help to assess the changing aspects of opportunities. This industry is a dynamic one and aspirants, who are serious about a career in the industry, must understand market demands and trends.


Pro-active agents must possess the attributes of being good counselors as well. Their experience is priceless and the knowledge shared, far exceeds academic knowledge

Much early on in the industry, it is imperative to focus on and locate a mentor who has industry experience. He is responsible for scouting out opportunities and showing you a direction. Your agent, SHINEWOODS is your guru and mentor who can spot your strengths, encourage you to be your creative best and achieve your goal while avoiding pitfalls.


We are social animals. The entertainment industry is a hotpot of creative people where interaction is a constant. To be a part of this ocean, good networking skills are required. It is mandatory to show up in social events, symposiums or workshops to get noticed. Meeting the right individuals at an opportune time helps to gain access to prospects. One ought to learn to be genuinely enthusiastic while being in any public occasion. Use of subtlety is hugely recommended.


Again, networking activities should be organized by the mentor/ Agent. SHINEWOODS has the background and capabilities to take you there.



Personality development is a broad word that simply means developing oneself in entirety. It is wise to be able to recognize and accept one’s personality like height, looks, behavior and attitude. Working on developing a good posture, good mannerisms and doing away with negative traits is desirable to be a chosen one in the industry. Keeping physically and mentally fit is important to be in tune with work demands.


A definite regiment is scheduled by SHINEWOODS to be followed under an expert who can be a personal fitness trainer and counselor with regards to diets and daily food intake. A healthy body with a balanced mind is of utmost importance to be successful in the industry.



Beauty is beyond skin deep. "Find your innate self and carry your personality with high self -esteem and self-worth", voices SHINEWOODS. It is well worth it to have a consultant to advice on the kind of haircuts that suit you, your skin tone and colors that go well with it. Knowledge of your personal body shape helps one to choose the right clothes for the right occasions.


One must be well informed of global fashion trends, collection wears and perfumes of the season, footwear and the different hues of the different falls.



“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

                                                                  – Pablo Picasso


To be able to understand the genre that you belong to, is information that will be necessary allowing great learning and change for better outcomes. Attending workshops ensures further improvement in one’s image, both physically as well as mentally. It helps build an idealized personality for public acceptance, factoring in ‘Awesomeness and Perfect’. This is aimed at ultimately gaining patronage from a targeted population. 


SHINEWOODS organizes interactive workshops and events on acting techniques, grooming, body language and total personality development as well as meetings with the industry who is who. In short, they are a responsible professional casting organization who can walk that mile with you and fetch you a good break, carrying you through to a successful future.


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