How does someone get into acting?

It is an uphill task to get into acting without the right contacts. You can use a well-known platform like SHINEWOODS which has helped many people get projects


Who is the first person one must meet for an introduction into the industry?

An Agent or mentor or guide is the first person to meet in the industry. He / She will do the necessary arrangements for your first assignment. He / She is like the guru you will need in this highly competitive arena.


How does one get to meet with industry decision makers?

One can meet with who is who of the entertainment industry through known sources. With almost three decades in the industry promoting new aspirants, SHINEWOODS has the right team to meet anyone from the industry.


Does it take a long time to get assignments?

You need to make a choice of taking the traditional route to meet someone from the industry, which could take longer or use technology that makes meeting the right person quicker.


What is the right process to enter the industry?

There are several things that one needs to address before entering the industry. Go prepared with the right portfolio and presentation. Self –grooming, development of communication, personality and PR skills are the other target areas to set right in advance. Most of all, it’s important to be a professional.


How does one get noticed as a fresher in the industry?

There are many different ways to get noticed and stay ahead in the industry. It is important to understand the nuances of dress sense, grooming and market dynamics.    The most important is to find a mentor who can guide you to do all things right.


What is the age limit to start a career in the industry?

There is no age limit. The industry embraces genres of all ages from toddlers to octogenarians.


I am a technician, a lights- man to be specific. How do I get a career started into a team?

You are talented and looking for a break. It is one simple getting registered with SHINEWOODS. They are the masters who can offer that first launch and turn your career around. 


I belong to a Telegu speaking background and have no knowledge of Tamil language. But I am interested in building a career as an actor in Tamil cinema. Possible?

It is possible to start a career in the Tamil cinema industry. Language is not a barrier. It can be learnt.  SHINEWOODS support institutes are professional learning places where you will master up basics of the language and find a career.


I have recently got an offer from a TV serial producing company. Will it be difficult if I look to shift to films later?

You are lucky to get this TV opportunity. Go ahead. But remember to find yourself a good agent who can get you into the big and fascinating world of cinema after a few projects and experience in television.

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